Friday, 7 October 2016

3 day PD finished ... I am officially a Google For Education Certified Innovator!

     Folks, I was going to wait until Saturday to post this as I had a 7 hour drive (traffic) to Pittsburg after graduating the 3 day course of Google for Education Certified Innovator!  But then I thought about how my #DPtimits crew got accustomed to having the blog up the night of so here it is!

     What can I say about Google and the EdTech team! I have enjoyed the GAFE summits that I have attended over the past several years and through that have become very skilled at using GAFE in my FSL classroom to inspire academic engagement with my students. Having been accepted to this course was honour enough  to be chosen but WOW ... that was by far the most intense, fun, interactive, social, engaging, thought provoking PD that I have ever been a part of!

     Thank you Google and thank you to the EdTech team. Thank you for having the confidence in all of our pedagogical work, and thank you for inviting us to this workshop!  Thank you for feeding us and engaging us!  Thank you for inspiring us and making it all so much fun it didn't seem like work!  I don't think I will be able to thank you enough.

     As per the last couple of posts, here are a couple of pics from day 3:
I have been innovating for years and now its official:  Google for Education Certified Innovator!

 The Toronto cohort getting a picture like "Canadian" moose!

Thank you Donnie Piercey (our coach) and the #DPtimbits!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.  I am very thankful for being chosen to the course!



PS>  There may be one last little surprise in about a week or so!  Stay tuned to #TOR16

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